Sunday, June 22, 2008

Etched in Blood ~ The Dreaming

On friday night I had the honor and priviledge to shoot "the Dreaming" (a very good up-and-coming band from LA) as they were playing at the Icehouse Lounge here in Las Vegas. One member of the band, Chris Hall, was the former frontman of Stabbing Westward (an incredible band from the 90's). The venue was pretty small but it worked out in my favor as I was able to get some very up-close and intimate shots of the band. Musically, they were exceptional and their CD hits stores on Tuesday (6/24/2008). To check them out and hear some of their stuff, visit their myspace page. Enjoy...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Inspired, at Studio Ohm

My 2 favorite Belly Dancers, Britt and Marisa invited me to an evening of performances at Studio Ohm last weekend and without a doubt I went... with a camera (of course). The main reasons I went were to see Britt and Marisa perform and see their students perform as well. To my surprise, the performances were not just of belly dancers, but included a wide variety of dancing and an amazing percussion finale! I had a reserved seat (thanks girls) in the front row and was supposed to come and enjoy myself and not work (take pictures), but how could I not bring a camera to an event like this? I didn't bring lighting or flashes, just a fast lens and an open mind. The images captured were all in black and white and have a slight grainy feel reminiscent of film from years ago. Thank you all who performed for an amazing show and I will be posting images on my site for you to see in the near future. This show opened my eyes to some new styles of dancing and left me, ... well... inspired!