Monday, May 12, 2008

In The Studio

Glenn is very much an on-location photographer, but he also has a studio where he takes photos as well. It's nestled inside an art gallery, Master Source Art, that also has a framing business on site. I've seen many of his studio portraits, and they're awesome... I've seen everything from maternity to belly dancers and everything in between (my favorites have been family portraits and the toddlers).

The Master Source Art gallery where the studio is located has a wide variety of art to browse, I spent quite a bit of time just looking and taking it all in.

Glenn's studio is centrally located in Las Vegas and it's a very comfortable place to meet anyone's portrait needs - and the bonus? A framing business onsite to professionally (and beautifully) frame your new set of portraits.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What Sets Us Apart...

While re-designing the wedding section of our web site, I decided to add a page talking about our services and I titled it "What Sets Us Apart". On that page I give a brief synopsis of our services and started to mention what I feel we do differently from our competition. This got me thinking this weekend while processing images from a few weddings that we have recently covered and I must say I am very proud of our product! We offer our clients a refreshing approach to Wedding photography. We give our clients a very easy choice to get Exactly what they want from us. We don't force them into a "package" that they don't want or give them products as filler to make it seem like a great offer. We offer a fully customized experience that my recent clients have celebrated and I feel we will earn their return business as their Life-story expands because of this. We just recently, in 2008, adopted this way of client-customization that I must give credit to one of my mentors Bruce Hudson for giving me the base ideals to work from. I was very fortunate to attend one of his seminars in late December and taking from what I learned, I morphed his teachings along with what in my heart I knew clients would want and here we are today! I do believe we are distictly different and I love that we are!

Glenn B.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A day at the pool...

I had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite models the other day and we decided to do a "lifeguard" shoot as she is a lifeguard for the city. She brought all of the necessary lifeguard gear and we began shooting early in the morning. I had one of my close friends holding a reflector and helping with the shoot in general (it was her first time helping me and I think she had a blast seeing first-hand how I do what I do). Xia (the model) is a natural beauty that I discovered a few years back, and during this shoot she just naturally worked into great poses and I can predict her going as far as she wants to in modeling! I then had Xia change into a black hand-made crochet swimsuit for some more images! All in all, I would say one of my favorite shoots so far in 2008! Look at some images and tell me what you think!