Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Bunny!

I just wanted a better vision than the mass-force-fed image that is "commercial easter" so here is my take, enjoy! My model had a blast wearing the ears and dropping eggs!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Signs... they are all around but do we take the time to see them?

Signs are all around us and usually we as a society are usually unaware that they are there or why they were put there. i look even deeper to this theory (maybe too deep) but see everyday situations and experiences for more than what they are and more for the sign that they represent. I spent the good part of saturday evening shooting physical signs and reflecting on the experiences and realizing that signs are so apparent sometimes that we look right through them, and sometimes the most hidden and obscure signs are the easiest seen. The photo here is one of me with my favorite sign in Las Vegas. sure, there are fancier and more hi-tech and amazing signs out there, but this one is my favorite.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A day of Learning and Fun

Even the most seasoned photographer can learn new "tricks of the trade" and i spent an entire day being schooled o stuff that has blown my mind! WPPI is in town this week and i had an opportunity to attend a seminar by Kirk Voclain from Louisianna and get Hands on Training at Redrock Canyon as he opened my eyes to some new concepts and then blew my mind with workflow techniques that made my head spin! This is my second seminar in 2 months (the first one was with Portrait Photographer Great, Bruce Hudson! Enclosed in this post is an image from my "hands on" learning experience. post comments and let me know what you think! There was NO FLASH used in this image, just one reflector and natural light and it was shot at 11AM in direct sunlight! also there was VERY LITTLE after editing in photoshop. Sometimes i amaze myself and this is definately one of those times!

Damn, i would hire ME to take my picture... and You should too! :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

I went on a quest for wildflowers in the desert...

and i was sucessful! I read about a place called Amboy Crater in California (which i have never heard of before) at 10:30am on saturday and decided to head out for the 188 mile journey by 11:30am. Equipped with a case of water and some pistachios and teriyaki beef jerky (and of course my camera gear) i was off. About 3 hours later off of I-40 on Route 66 i approached this magnificent view... a dormant volcano that first erupted over 6000 years ago and has erupted as recently as 500 years ago. All around the ground was lava rock and ... TONS of wildflowers! It was an incredible sight and well worth the drive. There were fields full of beautiful yellow blooms and patches of purple clusters along the lava hills. I took the full tour, hiking to the top rim of the volcano to discover the crater that was deep and jagged with a base of of lava rock. I sat on the rim for about an hour and a half, just looking down at the fields of gold and lavender and deep in thought. Finally i descended the side of the dormant tower and walked through the fields of flowers taking in their intense aromas and beauty as the sun took it's final bow in the western sky. While on this journey, i found a few precious moments of clarity and felt so fulfilled on my way back to Las Vegas driving down a desolate stretch of route 66 with just the sliver of moonlight and an occasional car passing in the other direction... thinking to myself, WOW! Another great expierience chalked up to spontaniety! I am going to be in Death Valley for the first weekend in April, and hope the blooms there are just as magnificent! more on that trip and a BIG trip to Oregon and Alaska for 18-20 days... coming soon!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March is Here and so are the new Postcards and Business Cards!

The new business cards and postcards have been designed and i got them back from the printer the other day! i had a really tough decision with 2 layouts for the postcards and decided to get both. I am adding both images and would love your comments. I love the new direction that i am heading in and getting the cards back from the printer and starting to get them in circulation is motivating me more in that direction. I have many more topics to discuss, so keep checking back as i will be updating alot in the near future!