Sunday, April 26, 2009

"NEW" Gallery posted at Beyond Pairadice Studios website

A "NEW" Gallery has been posted at The majority of the images in this gallery were from my first "all digital" shoot in 2005 at Huntington Beach with a Canon 20D camera. The model, Emily, lives in California and met with me on a cool afternoon in October at the pier. I was in the process of refiling all of my images and came across this disc, and couldn't believe that I hadn't posted the images previously. With the new filing and the going through of images, I should be posting some more galleries in the near future! Until then, please view this new gallery and post comments!

~ Glenn B

Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Day at Redrock... (and a Rant about Littering)

I decided midway through Earth Day to spend the afternoon at Redrock and just admire a small corner of the Earth on a day that is designated "special" for the planet. As I was hiking around and taking a few shots here and there, I thought about the dramatic planet changes that could be made if everyone just did a little bit each day for the Earth, like not littering! There wasn't a large amount of debris out at Redrock, but a candy bar wrapper here, a lid to a Gatorade bottle there, and cigarette butts seemed to be everywhere. I am the first to admit that I do not recycle, but... I do know what a trash can is and what it's main function is in our society. Here are a few images from Redrock, including a Ladybug (there were bushes full of them!), I hope you enjoy them... and use a freakin' trash can! Seriously!

~ Glenn B.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Amazing Weather Changes in Vegas

The past few weeks have been crazy! One day it is 59, cloudy and windy... the next it is sunny and 75! It seemed to change dramatically every day! Last monday, I had a shoot with a great model that I have never had the opportunity to work with before, Crystalina at Lake Mojave for sunset. The weather was supposed to be 70-72 and sunny with a few clouds. When we arrived at the lake, there were dark clouds covering the sky and pockets of wind here and there, and the temperature was about 63. We still hiked to a private cove and began the shoot. The water was cold and the wind didn't make it feel any warmer, however, Crystalina never complained about it and as a result, I think we we able to get some amazing images! You tell me...

~ Glenn B.

oh yeah... the next day it snowed in Clark County and there were actually flakes seen in Las Vegas! in April!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Taking a day for me...

Yesterday I decided to take an official "ME" day! For those of you that don't know me, this is a very rare thing. I parked my car at the New York New York Casino garage and walked for over 6 hours up and down the strip. Now it wasn't a true "ME" day because I did have my love with me (my camera) as she tends to go everywhere I go, but I actually didn't shoot a great deal of images, but more importantly concentrated on thinking and enjoying a nice breezy day in Las Vegas amongst thousands of strangers. Here you will see a few of the images I was able to get while down there. *note ~ the butterfly picture is REAL and from the Bellagio Botanical Gardens! If you get a chance, pay this season's display a visit... it is beautiful!

~ Glenn B.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Death Valley Experience 2009

This year's first trip to Death Valley was planned to be a 4-day excursion with about 16 fellow photographers from the Nevada Camera Club. Apparantly, someone forgot to mention this trip to Mother Nature and she decided to test us both individually and as a group. Within four days we saw hail, sun, rain, snow, dust devils, ... And wind, wind, wind! None of which deterred me from shooting what I wanted to and having a great time. On this trip I got to learn more about some fun people in the club and got to learn more about me... Both as a photographer and as a person. Here are a few of the images I was able to capture while being sandblasted by the wind. The waterfall is in Death Valley and is year-round! Enjoy.

~ Glenn B.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cathedral Gorge State Park and Pioche, Nevada

I heard about a park about 170 miles northeast of Las Vegas called Cathedral Gorge and a few days later I found myself on the road at 3:30am headed for it. This place is beyond words. The more you look, the more there is. It has three main sections named Moon Caves, Cavern Caves, and Cathedral Caves along with other areas to explore the countless slots (caves) within the gorge. Once you get over the external beauty and start exploring the inner slots it becomes apparent just how amazing and deep this park is. I have never seen such beauty and think this is my new favorite getaway from Vegas. Also close by is a small town called Pioche, some may think it is a ghost town, but there are actually people that still live there! It was known as a very rough town in 1870 and from talking with a few of the locals, it still seems to be a town full of characters! Be watching for a gallery soon at the Beyond Pairadice Studios Website!

~ Glenn B.