Monday, May 11, 2009

From above the Vegas Skyline on a Sunday evening...

I decided to go to Lone Mountain and climb up to view the City from above. It was a full moon weekend and Sunday was my first opportunity to get away and just watch the Sunset and Moonrise above the City of lights. The hike was intense but well worth every wheeze as I found a nice ledge to sit down andd watch the ultimate Mother (Nature) do her thing to the Valley below. Of course I had my camera with me, and decided to attempt some Panoramics. I shot some taht were 9 images wide and some that were 22 images wide later that night, but the one that is included here is a 13 image Panoramic stitched together in Photoshop CS3. I can say that viewing it here compared to full size on my computer screen or better yet, from above the Valley on the Mountain is NO COMPARISON, but I am trying to share :) Have a great week!

~ Glenn B.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sometimes the perfect location to shoot is right outside the front door...

With the weather as perfect as it has been in Las Vegas lately, I decided to work out by the pool in my "Luxury Apartment" complex. I grabbed my laptop and headed for a cabana to get some work done and almost instantly it came to me... Photoshoot at the Pool! I envisioned eyes just barely out of the water, reflecting on the surface, and many other shots in the pool area. Since I had a lens die in the mddle of a shoot out at Lake Mojave with a model, I felt it only fitting to invite her back for a re-shoot with me. Her name is Crystalina, and she is the most sweet and beautiful model I have worked with in awhile. Her personality is just stellar and her sense of humor is twisted, so we got along just fine! Below I have added just a few images from this shoot, but plan on creating a gallery just for her on my Beyond Pairadice Studios site in the very near future! We have plans coming up to incorporate her beauty with an amazing natural landscape during a full moon in the next month, and I hope this is the first few of MANY shoots with her! She is very professional and a true pleasure to work with!

~ Glenn B.

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Gallery at Beyond Pairadice Studios site... "The Dreaming... Live at the Cheyenne Saloon"

A new gallery has been added to Beyond Pairadice Studios featuring my absolute favorite band, The Dreaming. This show was at the Cheyenne Saloon on December 13th, 2008. The venue had really poor lighting and the band added a strobe box on the stage, causing quite a challenge for photos, but I was able to overcome this with a 50mm lens that has a 1.8 f-stop (for dark situations). The concert was amazing because the band played an extended set that included quite a few Stabbing Westward songs (for those not in the know, the lead singer was the frontman for Stabbing Westward). I wish smaller venues would invest just a little bit in lighting. I think the bands and the fans would both benefit from the modest investment, and it would also work in the venue's favor, with more bookings and a better reputation for being "the" venue. Even Wasted Space in the Hard Rock and the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay could stand to improve their lighting situation (and the HOB could also use an acoustics overhaul). Until next time...

~ Glenn B.

New Gallery posted at Beyond Pairadice Studios... Model Malia

A new gallery was added to Beyond Pairadice Studios, and this time it is a new model, Malia. So far, we have shot 3 times and I look forward to many more sessions with her. She is very sweet and easy to work with... and very beautiful! Be on the lookout for more updates, as I plan on doing several this week. Stay tuned...

~ Glenn B.