Saturday, March 15, 2008

A day of Learning and Fun

Even the most seasoned photographer can learn new "tricks of the trade" and i spent an entire day being schooled o stuff that has blown my mind! WPPI is in town this week and i had an opportunity to attend a seminar by Kirk Voclain from Louisianna and get Hands on Training at Redrock Canyon as he opened my eyes to some new concepts and then blew my mind with workflow techniques that made my head spin! This is my second seminar in 2 months (the first one was with Portrait Photographer Great, Bruce Hudson! Enclosed in this post is an image from my "hands on" learning experience. post comments and let me know what you think! There was NO FLASH used in this image, just one reflector and natural light and it was shot at 11AM in direct sunlight! also there was VERY LITTLE after editing in photoshop. Sometimes i amaze myself and this is definately one of those times!

Damn, i would hire ME to take my picture... and You should too! :)

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