Thursday, May 1, 2008

A day at the pool...

I had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite models the other day and we decided to do a "lifeguard" shoot as she is a lifeguard for the city. She brought all of the necessary lifeguard gear and we began shooting early in the morning. I had one of my close friends holding a reflector and helping with the shoot in general (it was her first time helping me and I think she had a blast seeing first-hand how I do what I do). Xia (the model) is a natural beauty that I discovered a few years back, and during this shoot she just naturally worked into great poses and I can predict her going as far as she wants to in modeling! I then had Xia change into a black hand-made crochet swimsuit for some more images! All in all, I would say one of my favorite shoots so far in 2008! Look at some images and tell me what you think!

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Anonymous said...

Aww, I love Xia! I went to school with her.

This is Stephanie, by the way. I met you today at Insurcorp. You helped me with my printer problem. =]
LOVING your work!!!

Stephanie Sytsma