Sunday, September 14, 2008

This kid Rocks!

I thought i would share some images from a kid i know.... My Daughter! she is barely a teenager and has been shooting with a P&S camera for about 6 years and in my opinion (I may be slightly biased) has an AMAZING natural eye. Her framing and composition of shots is very refreshing and I am blown away when I see new images that she shares with me. She is a big fan of landscape photography and self-portraits. She will probably be getting her first Digital SLR this fall and I hope she will want to learn all of the "boring" settings and stuff so she can improve on her raw and great talent. To see some more of her work, click here. All images below are shot by her except the one of us at the Valley of Fire... that one was on a timer on a tripod. I love her angle on the St. Louis Arch! Enjoy... and keep a look out, I plan on blogging alot more in the upcoming weeks!

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