Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sometimes the perfect location to shoot is right outside the front door...

With the weather as perfect as it has been in Las Vegas lately, I decided to work out by the pool in my "Luxury Apartment" complex. I grabbed my laptop and headed for a cabana to get some work done and almost instantly it came to me... Photoshoot at the Pool! I envisioned eyes just barely out of the water, reflecting on the surface, and many other shots in the pool area. Since I had a lens die in the mddle of a shoot out at Lake Mojave with a model, I felt it only fitting to invite her back for a re-shoot with me. Her name is Crystalina, and she is the most sweet and beautiful model I have worked with in awhile. Her personality is just stellar and her sense of humor is twisted, so we got along just fine! Below I have added just a few images from this shoot, but plan on creating a gallery just for her on my Beyond Pairadice Studios site in the very near future! We have plans coming up to incorporate her beauty with an amazing natural landscape during a full moon in the next month, and I hope this is the first few of MANY shoots with her! She is very professional and a true pleasure to work with!

~ Glenn B.

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hiedyanna said...

wow glen! gorgeous model and stunning shots!! ;)