Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Day at Redrock... (and a Rant about Littering)

I decided midway through Earth Day to spend the afternoon at Redrock and just admire a small corner of the Earth on a day that is designated "special" for the planet. As I was hiking around and taking a few shots here and there, I thought about the dramatic planet changes that could be made if everyone just did a little bit each day for the Earth, like not littering! There wasn't a large amount of debris out at Redrock, but a candy bar wrapper here, a lid to a Gatorade bottle there, and cigarette butts seemed to be everywhere. I am the first to admit that I do not recycle, but... I do know what a trash can is and what it's main function is in our society. Here are a few images from Redrock, including a Ladybug (there were bushes full of them!), I hope you enjoy them... and use a freakin' trash can! Seriously!

~ Glenn B.

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hiedyanna said...

i love the lady bug... i see alot of them around here... ;)