Monday, April 20, 2009

Amazing Weather Changes in Vegas

The past few weeks have been crazy! One day it is 59, cloudy and windy... the next it is sunny and 75! It seemed to change dramatically every day! Last monday, I had a shoot with a great model that I have never had the opportunity to work with before, Crystalina at Lake Mojave for sunset. The weather was supposed to be 70-72 and sunny with a few clouds. When we arrived at the lake, there were dark clouds covering the sky and pockets of wind here and there, and the temperature was about 63. We still hiked to a private cove and began the shoot. The water was cold and the wind didn't make it feel any warmer, however, Crystalina never complained about it and as a result, I think we we able to get some amazing images! You tell me...

~ Glenn B.

oh yeah... the next day it snowed in Clark County and there were actually flakes seen in Las Vegas! in April!

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